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While everyone agrees that Egypt has the highest HCV prevalence worldwide, no precise nationwide estimate of the HCV infection prevalence has been available until recently. The National Committee against Viral Hepatitis, recommended that HCV antibody and RNA testing be added to the 2008 Egypt Demographic Health Survey (EDHS). This survey, based on a representative sample of 11,126 individuals aged 15-59 years, has produced the first nationwide estimate of HCV antibody and HCV RNA prevalence. HCV antibody prevalence nationwide was estimated at 14.7% (95% CI=13.9%-15.5%), and in older age groups living in rural areas, reached 55% and 38% in males and females, respectively (see Figure below).


Figure DHS


HCV antibody prevalence by age, sex, and urban/rural area, Egyptian DHS 2008 (Rural: women: n=3 666; men: n=3 012 / Urban: women: n=2 386; men: n=2 062) (Guerra et al., J Viral Hepat, 2012).




Introduction of Sofosbuvir in Egypt

In July 2014, Gilead and the Egyptian government signed an agreement for a treatment expansion of Sovaldi® (Sofosbuvir). Read more

Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

The Scientific Advisory Board Meeting was held in Paris February 15-16, 2013.

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