The project is based around two training centers in Egypt:

  • Epidemiology and public health: the Department of Community, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University (Prof. Wagida Anwar and Prof. Mohsen Gadallah);

  • Virology and clinical medicine: the NHTMRI (Prof. Mohamed-Abdel Hamid, University of Minia, in microbiology / Prof. Gamal Esmat, University of Cairo, in hepatology).

This specific location provides an academic environment to students, both Egyptian and French, for getting their master and doctoral degrees.


Specifically, the project contributes to training programs in the following ways:

  • by providing research data of high quality for thesis work (13 master thesis and 5 doctoral thesis completed so far with 3 on-going),
  • by offering local and foreign supervision to students in master and doctoral degrees,
  • by providing lectures and seminars to academic researchers and students from the Department of Community Medicine at the faculty of Medicine,
  • by organizing training courses in epidemiology and biostatistics in Cairo (two-week course on “introduction to biostatistics”, “logistic regression”, and “survival analysis” using Stata given to 20 master students in July 2005, July 2007, February 2009),
  • by inviting Egyptian students to Summer Courses in Europe (fourteen so far), with visit extension to French laboratories for data analysis and paper writing (fifteen so far).



Teaching at the Faculty of  Medicine,
Ain Shams University

(Prof Arnaud Fontanet, above / Prof Mostafa Kamal, right)



Since the beginning of the project, several students have been enrolled in the program.


In Egypt:

  • Master degree in Public Health and Epidemiology:

o  Dr. Sherine Khalil (2004): sentinel surveillance of HCV infection through blood banks.

o  Dr. Noha Sharaf (2005): estimation of the clearance rate in acute hepatitis C.

o  Dr. Aya Kamal (2007): HCV incidence at the cohort site.

  • Doctoral degree in Public Health:

o  Dr. Naglaa Arafa (2005): factors associated with HCV transmission in a rural area of Egypt.

o  Dr. Rita Arafat (2008): cost-effectiveness of chronic hepatitis C treatment in Egypt.

  • Doctoral degree in Immunology:

o  Ms Hala Mansour (2009): immunological factors associated with HCV clearance during the acute phase of the infection.


In France:

  • Master of Science in epidemiology:

o  Dr. Françoise Colombani (Bordeaux II University, 2003) : epidemiology of acute hepatitis in Cairo.

o  Dr. Justine Sass (Paris VI University, 2004): hepatitis C and metabolic liver disease.

o  Dr. Sylvia Males (Paris XI University, 2005): efficacy of the combination pegylated interferon and ribavirin for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in genotype 4-infected patients.

o  Dr. Nathalie Nicolay (Paris XI University, 2006): intra-familial transmission of HCV at the cohort site.

o  Dr. Hendy Abdoul (Paris XI University, 2007): fibrosis markers among patients treated for chronic HCV.

o  Dr. Nicolas Vignier (Paris XI University, 2009): reliability of elastometry in evaluating liver fibrosis.

o Dr. Cedric Chesnais (Pasteur-Cnam School of Public Health, MPH, 2010): mortality and associated risk factors among hepatitis C infected inhabitants of three rural communities in Egypt.

o  Dr. José Guerra (Paris XI University, 2010): HCV burden of infection in Egypt.

o  Ms Charlotte Boullé (Paris VI University, 2010): proteomics analysis to understand mechanisms of spontaneous clearance in acute hepatitis C patients.

  • Master of Public Health

o  Dr. Omar Okasha (EHESP, MPH, 2011): HCV infection and risk factors among healthcare workers in Ain Shams University.

  • Doctoral degree in epidemiology:

o  Dr. Noha Sharaf (Paris VI University, 2010): factors associated with HCV clearance during acute hepatitis C.

o  Ms Adela Paez (Paris VI University, 2011): risk factors for acute viral hepatitis in Cairo.

o  Dr. Philippe Bonnard (Paris VI University, 2013): comparison of methods to assess liver fibrosis in hepatitis C Egyptian patients.

o  Mr. Vincent Pedernagna (ED420, Paris Descartes-Paris Sud, EHESP scholarship, 2013): genetic susceptibility to HCV infection in Egyptian patients.

o  Ms. Dorothée Obach (Paris VII University, 2014): cost-effectiveness analysis of several treatment strategies in Egypt.

o  Miss Anna Funk (Paris VI University/Pasteur-Paris University International Doctoral Program, on-going): The "real life" efficacy and safety of antiviral treatments, including new Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs), among patients treated for chronic Hepatitis C in Egypt.


Introduction of Sofosbuvir in Egypt

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Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

The Scientific Advisory Board Meeting was held in Paris February 15-16, 2013.

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